Monthly Payouts
KCASH partner payouts are paid monthly. We send you money every month, in full, for the commission you earned.
Payout Options

KCASH checks will arrive from Kteam Enterprises Ltd. and all payments are made in USD. You may choose the payment method when you sign up or you can edit your profile once inside.

- Standard Check
- Wire Transfer
- E-passporte

Processing & Billing
Accepting transactions is one of the crucial points in this business. Our site subscriptions are processed using the following Internet Payment Service Proviers (IPSP's): CCBill and Verotel. We use MPA3 as our cascading system ensuring stable processing. Cascading is possible from a credit card to a check processor, from a check prorcessor to a dialer, or any order and combination imaginable this feature allows you to maximize the revenue your hard earned traffic generates.
High Converting Sites
With our cutting edge promo tools, easy flow of the tour, and exclusive content this provides long lasting entertainment for our members, leading to extended revenues for you. By using our exclusive content and sending traffic to our paysites you will experience relatively low saturation levels, where high conversions and rententions are currently being experienced you will want to join in the rewards and share in the excellent conversions that come from promoting, and many more.
Promotional Tools
Promo tools are accessible to you via the ad tools wizard. After choosing the program you wish to promote and the campaign you wish to use you are then presented with a list of the sites in the program and ad tools available for that site. From here you can choose to access different types of banners, half and full page ads, and hosted ad tools.
Hosted Gallery Dump Tool
MPA3 allows you to receive a text dump of your galleries containing the information you choose and in the format you choose. This allows you to quickly and easily import all of your galleries to your software.
Fully Detailed Stats Interface
Stats are provided to you in real time. They may be viewed for any date range and broken down by date, site, or campaign. You can view raw, unique, and qualified clicks, joins, join ratio, rebills, credits, chargebacks, and your payout. Additional stats are also available when relevant.
Track Raw, Unique, and Qualified Clicks in Real Time
MPA3 tracks raw hits, unique hits, and owner-defined qualified clicks in real time for affiliates.
Support Track Signups in Real Time
Signups are shown in both affiliate stats and admin stats in real time as they happen.
Track Conversions, Rebills, Credits, and Chargebacks Live as Billers Report Them
Because billers vary in how they report recurring transactions to MPA3 the speed at which they are updated varies. As soon as MPA3 becomes aware of a transaction from a biller it is immediately populated and posted in affiliate stats and reports.
Full Campaign Tracking
MPA3 allows you to create as many tracking campaigns as you'd like. Each campaign can be named with full text, for example, "My Site" or "New Google Campaign". Each campaign can be used for any site and any program. You may break your stats down by campaign to quickly view the effectiveness of your various marketing efforts.
Full Tracking of Referring URLS
In addition to the campaign tracking provided by MPA3 referring URLs are also fully tracked. You can see what URLs are generating both traffic and signups.
Not only are we here for you (Our Affiliates) through email, ICQ, MSN or SKYPE. We are also available to our customers (Our Members) through the above means of communication. We understand the importance of clear terms and conditions and have a genuine commitment to ensuring that member’s questions are dealt with immediately. All support issues and requests get a response within 24hrs if not immediately.
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